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The real reason why top producers give out FREE beats

Malcolm Gladwell’s theory is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a craft. You’ve spent 20,000 hours learning to make super-hot fire beats, and then an artist asks for a free beat.

Do you;

a) Send Agent Smith to destroy the artist from the Matrix

b) Send the Beat

Instantly when you hear about a free beat you must think; what about everything I’ve been through. All the nights of practice, hard drives filled with beats called “wavey beat 93” & hours of time spent getting you midi controller to work with your DAW?

Where is the compensation for it?

And then comes all the equipment you’ve purchased. Does an artist expect you to spend your time & money in order for them to have a free beat?


Here’s why you should consider it.

Uber, a transportation network company (TAXI service) have grown their business into a multinational market leader with very little spent on marketing in comparison to counterparts. How? By giving out free rides! Yes it hurts their pockets, but over time they have become market leaders.

In today’s age of high competition, consumers don’t want to spend their money when they don’t have to. If a product of similar value is available for cheaper then the consumer will go with them. However, humans are creatures of nature, we grow habits without even knowing it. If you give out free beats, you are increasing your chances of getting another client.

As mentioned in posts across the website, every client you acquire, is a fan base in which you also acquire.

If you give your beat to an artist for free, and they have an average 200 listens on their SoundCloud, then you have an average of 200 new listeners. Do this a few times a week then you will begin to get a buzz. No one knows your beats are being used for free or being sold.

Having a catalogue of paid beats with a few free beats is a great way to keep your door open to those who may not be able to afford your beats, but can produce a flow on your beat that no one else can.


Bobby Shmurda – Hot N*gga (Produced By Jahlil Beats)

A perfect example of an artist acquiring a beat for free and bringing the producer free marketing. Jahlil Beats sold the instrumental to Lloyd Banks, however it was the artist who had the beat for free made the song go viral. Henceforth, free marketing.

Plus, if you are putting out quality product, then you will soon grow a following for your beats. Get people to sign up to your mailing lists to get updates on free beats.

Yes you will get some bandwagon riders who just want a free beat but in the long term think of it as an investment in your brand. Marketing is expensive, if your beat costs $200 and the cost of advertising on social media exceeds $200 to get 1 sale, you haven’t made any progress. That beat for free can spread and once the buzz comes, so will the sales.

Do make sure you apply the same licensing terms or leasing terms when giving out free beats. You don’t want to miss out on that check.

PLUS don’t forget to put a tag on your beat right before the drop. Let the world know who created the fire we are about to hear.


In conclusion,  the beauty of music is, it markets itself. You just have to find a way to get the music out there.

Other may disagree, but everyone following the same strategy wont bring YOU any luck. Tell me in the comments how you feel about this!


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