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Increase your Social Media Engagement with Twitter Cards

You will have seen them on twitter loads of times before. You see an interesting tweet, and want to open the picture but it takes you to a different website just off the one click?

That tweet right there was a Twitter Card, and it is what you will learn to use today in order to improve you social media engagement.


What is a Twitter Card?

Twitter Cards are built on Twitter, and are available to everyone. These cards can contain photo’s, descriptions, and custom links to take your followers wherever you want them to go. Tweets with images are proven to be more engaging, so it is recommended you use an image to grab your attention.

Twitter Cards Example


Think about how many times you’ve clicked on something that built up your curiosity to a point where you couldn’t resist.

Getting your followers to engage with your social media posts, is not only a great way to boost your SEO ranking, but also an obvious way to get people to listen to your beats. These Twitter Cards, are what’s used for paid advertising on Twitter, but can be tweeted by yourself for free.

This means if done right, you will be stealing traffic from Twitter direct to your website. This traffic can then lead into conversions. Using blog posts, and establishing a personality among your fans is highly recommended. Henceforth, we at DG Music Pro believed this cool tool should be shared with you guys.

The above guide is from a woman who’s company sells literature, but she had the best explanation as to how to set up these Twitter Cards, and a few tips on implementing the cards to get the best response from your fans.


Let me know in the comments how you guys get on setting up these cards and what you felt was the best way to engage with your followers.


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