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The Making of Drake’s “Sneakin'” With London On Da Track | Deconstructed

Drake’s More Life album is slated for a December release and he gave fans a peek at what to expect with his 21 Savage-collaboration, “Sneakin’.”

The track is produced by London On Da Track, the Atlanta producer signed to Cash Money Records who has worked with most of your favourite rappers like Young Thug, Gucci Mane, and more.

He started crafting the beat with an eerie guitar solo and added some spacey organs in, too—that’s why it almost sounds like the Stranger Things theme song.


In this tutorial, ‘IamMusicMogul’ has created a full breakdown to how he has re-created this instrumental. The tutorial is not in how to make the beat necessarily, but it is beneficial to understand the workflow in which he has adapted.

As producers, knowing what other producers do in order to achieve their sounds, can help us to evolve and grow. It’s like knowing how a chef has made their pie. Once you find out the magic formula, you can choose what you are missing and add the elements to your pie.

London On Da Track Header Image

A technique that this producer uses, is he creates the melodies out on a piano before translating it over into the sound in which he wants. This is a technique I haven’t seen before. If you use this technique, let me know in the comments. This for me would disrupt my flow because I tend to play around with the sounds in which I heard in my head. From there I would find the desired sound and create a melody.

In conclusion, everyone uses a different process to create music, but exploring what your compatriots are doing can help you. For myself, I have taken in how London On Da Track has used various sounds on this beat. I won’t be using it across all my music, but I will experiment with the sounds to see what I come up with.


Also, let us know in the comments of any breakdowns of songs you would like to see from our Producers.

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