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Overcoming Intimidation in the Music Industry

Overcoming Intimidation in the Music Industry


So your confidence is on a major high, you’ve just made something that feels special. The snare is perfect, the ride is in place, the wave is being surfed.

It’s perfect, so you close your DAW for the night so you can revisit the song in the morning to mix it down with fresh ears.


How about a visit to YouTube? Or maybe WorldStarHipHop (R.I.P Q).

Fins Eye To the Next Level

This is the exact point for myself where all confidence disappeared from the overwhelming perceived quality of music on offer. The feeling that what you thought was awesome has been depleted. The new songs from DJ Fresh or MikeWill and their perfectly mastered audio are so good, seasoned professionals struggle to keep up. But for you, your whole idea of an artist that would feature on your song, disappears. You may not feel the beat is of good enough quality to be share with the world anymore.

Well this is what is called intimidation. We are all flawed and will go through this at one point.

The top always looks far away until you reach the peak and think is that all?

What I did to overcome this feeling? Relax! I remembered why I started making the music, its not for other people to like, it was for me. This is why that song sounded perfect when you made it, because you made it for YOU. Apply this approach to your music, and I promise your passion will come right back. Your fears will disappear because you’re not pressuring yourself to sound like anyone else, or a level of quality they have put out.

This strategy is something Skepta has accredited to his new level of success. Following the artist Skepta over the last 10+ years, I recognised when he alongside many other UK artists, went from spitting pure grime to experimenting with music that would bring commercial success. He had a period where it seemed he had an enlightenment to who he was. Any other Skepta fans will know what I mean by saying it was the Underdog Psychosis time period. But ever since then he has made music that sounds nothing like anyone else production-wise & even his mixes are unique.

This formula to me is the winner because when you really understand who you are as a producer or even artist, you will create greatness because you have no one to beat but yourself.


Greatness comes when you apply yourself to be better than yourself.

If your beat today sounds better than yesterday then you are making progress. A trick I used was to open up a beat I made last month, and use skills I learned over the last month to make the beat better. (Be careful not to overproduce)

Yes, at the top we want to sound as good as Calvin Harris or Timbaland, but they have decades of experience. There comes a moment where you will want to take it to the next level, but you’re going to have to put down the midi controller and do some research. Sound development, tips and tricks to make your beats pop etc. These are topics I want to be covered on this website because its hard to get hold of in one place and for FREE!

We will be putting up more content daily to guide you what to do to get to the next level, and how to profit financially from your product.

Let us know in the comments about any topics you want us to cover!

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