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Flashback Friday: Studio Session: J Cole Breaks Down The Production For “Power Trip”

What’s up people, today we are hitting you with a Flashback J Cole video, all the way back from 2013.

This video is of J. Cole in the studio explaining the production of ‘Power Trip’ which appeared on his 2013 sophomore studio album Born Sinner.


The DreamVille hit maker uses Logic Pro to create this beat. Power Trip is a unique beat which relies on chopping up samples for not only the backing vocals, but for also a running snare along the beat which creates a smoothness to the beat.

In the video he speaks on how he flew all the way to LA to play this very beat to legendary producer No I.D. The minimalistic reaction of the legendary producer confirmed what we were to understand after release to be an awesome beat. It’s clear from not only this beat but other songs produced by J Cole, he is heavily influenced by the sampling technique of NO I.D.

Throughout the video he explains the different instruments he used throughout the song, and the thought process. It is good to take note to 4.48, as here he explains how he got the running snare sound. This is important because it shows that you should experiment on your DAW to find new sounds within your sounds and create a different type of song.

This dynamic quality of sounding different, is what J Cole attributes to NO I.D appreciating this beat so much.

In addition to this, J Cole also highlights the openness of his kick drum, as the reason this beat was so flexible. This was because it left space for other instruments and vocals of many genres.


Give the video a watch for some inspiration to being creative today.


What do you guys take of J Cole’s creative process? Do you start with the melody just like Cole or are you a Drums and 808 first kind of producer?

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