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Hootsuite – Social Media Management Tool Review

What separates Hootsuite from other social media management tools, is you can use social media more platforms than any other service.

Essentials such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter appear on most social media management services. Hootsuite however offers; SoundCloud, YouTube, Tumblr and foursquare. All of which are popular platforms used by music Professionals.


Hootsuite has more to offer than how many social accounts it can hold in one place. Read on to see how useful we think Hootsuite can be for you.


What is Hootsuite and what does it do for you?

Hootsuite is a Social Media Management tool that will help you to manage all of your social media accounts. It lets you see what people are saying about your brand, beats, songs, production etc, and allow you to reply to them instantly.


HootSuite 01 Different Accounts


Using Hootsuite, you can see all the feeds from your social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & Soundcloud. In addition, you can schedule posts to go directly on all the feeds, and communicate with followers using this platform.

With so many Social Media networks, you can see why this service is becoming hot property for not only businesses, but also music professionals.



Hootsuite do offer a free version to use the features. The pro version does cost $10 a month which is competitively priced. However do bear in mind, the free account allows for three social media accounts which is enough for most users. There is a higher level package for business enterprises which you will have to quote for but as a producer or artist, the pro account will be sufficient.


HootSuite 02 Pricing


First off, getting started with Hootsuite using the free account is perfect as you are given the control of 3 Social media networks. This is enough to manage your Twitter, Facebook and another of your preferred social media networks. (Instagram?)

Secondly, there is a 30-day free trial for the Hootsuite Pro plan, this will give you up to 10 social media accounts which should be sufficient enough to reach the maximum reach of consumers you want as a music professional.



The dashboard usability is well laid out with messages, social feeds from all your platforms all in one place which doesn’t look confusing. You can create tabs so you can have your Facebook Stream, messages and scheduled posts in one tab, and then the same for Twitter in another.


HootSuite 03 Dashboard Spread


All the tools such as groups, product controls, and added services are in a slide-out menu on the left side.


Dashboard Sidebar


In the Header across the top of the screen, you can select a Profile, compose messages, and either post or schedule them for a later time.

Amazingly, one of the best features that this service offers, is the comprehensive integration in the dashboard which allows you to pull in content from sources including Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and others, directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. As a result, you can attach photos to your posts and publish or schedule them in fewer clicks.



Hootsuite allows you to import RSS feeds from your favourite websites, so you can share content you find online to your followers. This is great for those who want to curate content, instead of publishing theirs all of the time.


Dashboard Overview


All the feeds are visible on your dashboard. So you can manage your music empire directly on one screen. If you want to let the world hear the latest beat you have uploaded onto your website, you can design your post within Hootsuite and then send it to all the networks you wish to use.



First off, Hootsuite makes it easy for you to post and schedule posts. In the top left, you can select what networks you wish to send to, and then you begin to create your post. You can add links, images your location, all the normal stuff.

In addition to this, Hootsuite will let you know how many characters you have left before you fill your quota.


Send a Post


When you finished typing up your post, you can schedule when to post, or post it instantly to all platforms.


Schedule a Post


However, all is not so rosy for the OCD music professionals. A problem occurs when your content is posted on Facebook. In the lower corner of your post, it says ‘posted via Hootsuite’. This tag gets them better branding, but if you’re paying for this service you shouldn’t get tags on a post.


Posted Via Hootsuite


Studies done by Buzzsumo, discovered that posts done through a 3rd party tools results in 90% less engagement than directly posting from Facebook.

This is a startling figure, but this should be taken with a pinch of salt, because their analysis was conducted over 500million Facebook articles aimed at different industries. To be honest, this really shouldn’t be something to stop you using this service, especially if you are planning on using it for free.



Hootsuite, is a wonderful tool that will save you time trying to handle all of your social media networks. If you are someone who uses multiple social media outlets regularly and wants a free, common interface to handle your social media; sign up now.

Even though you will only get limited access to simple reports, these reports are free and will allow you to see how successful your social media activities are.




Let us know in the comments if you are a current user of Hootsuite and if it is something you would recommend.

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