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Ready to Give up on producing? Watch This!

Today’s Monday motivation is to never give up!

Cliché as it sounds but it is so easy to give up. You might upload a beat to Soundcloud and get little to no plays. You may upload something to Instagram and get little to no likes.


At the end of the day, you may not get all in which you want right away. Some people may be way ahead of you in terms of interaction with their music. There will always be a producer who has more likes than you, more plays than you or even more accolades then you. But they only have more if you quit.

Martin Garrix started off making music at the age of 8. Now you may think to yourself ‘how can I ever get better than him?’ Regardless of what music you make, you can always be better than Martin Garrix. You may not sound like him exactly, or make music that draws in the crowds in which he does. But what you can do is reach the same level of success.

DJ Mustard, in an interview with the breakfast club revealed that his first produced hit “Toot it & Boot it” was his third beat he had ever made. Now some may say this is luck. Partially, yes it is, but inside of the luck, is the determination and belief we will make it. Something we all started off with when we began making music, and eventually lost as we first sent our music out into the world.

This may not apply to everyone, but there will be someone reading this who is ready to give in and pack it up. DGMusicPro would strongly advise against such action.

Why quit now?

You have already invested in equipment and spent countless hours learning how to produce music. Every time you open up FL Studio or Logic, could the moment you create your first hit.

I can assure you, when Dr Dre made his first hit beat, he didn’t sit in front of the drum machine thinking ‘yup. it will all change from here now on’. As with all other successful producers, they were just doing what they loved and never gave up. It just so happened in that session they created greatness.  

The moral of this post is not to sell anyone a dream, but to encourage you not to give up because you never know when your next beat is going to be the one. If it is not this one, then you always have another beat making session to make it.

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