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Create Your Own Unique 808 in Massive (FL Studio)

Trap, Hip-Hop, House, and even Pop Music; all use 808’s.

Question is, how do you make an 808 to sound just like you want it to?


In this tutorial, BusyWorkBeats, looks at creating your own 808 Bass from scratch. Creating this 808 FL Studio, is done using the frequently used plugin; Massive. Throughout this tutorial, music theory si touched on to allow you to know why the sounds you are making, are being created. In general, BusyworkBeats shows off a few things, most people tend to overlook when creating an 808 sound. In addition, this tutorial covers elements in which most people overlook when using the module.

This tutorial touches briefly on the different shapes you can put into your machines to create different tones and harmonic structures.  Without going too deep into sound design, this tutorial starts using a square wave at a lower octave. What this does is creates the crunchy bass 808 sound.

Even though this is handy, some tend to add a distortion to the end sound instead of a square wave. The sound quality doesn’t suffer by adding distortion, however it shows there is always more than one way to reach a desired result.

The good thing about this tutorial, is you will begin to understand music theory at a basic level, whilst still making the sound you wish to. Fortunately, you will still make the sound without having to understand the music theory to the degree in which sound engineers tend to.

Music theory is a feature that will be coming to DG Music Pro very soon, as we look to evolve our website and what we offer to our users.


If there are any other tutorials you would like us to bring to you, please let us know in the comments and we will adhere to your requests.

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