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Top 5 ways to Increase your SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud for us producers, is somewhere where we can distribute our music to unheard ears. We can place the songs we have produced onto our pages as a form of our catalogue.

We can use this platform to drive interest in our brands, and build a following that can lead into conversions.

However, in order to get into the consumer’s line of sight, there is a challenge for us producers to overcome.

Luckily DG Music Pro have brought you 5 ways in which you can increase your SoundCloud plays, which will not only bring more authority to your profile, but help you take advantage of SoundCloud’s growing popularity.


Increase your SoundCloud Plays with these tools!


1. Facebook

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users which means you have free access to the largest audience in the world. In today’s age, we have no excuse for not having the opportunity to succeed, and Facebook is one of the reasons why.

Market your music on Facebook with ease due to their integration of the SoundCloud player. As soon as you post the link to your SoundCloud page, Facebook will change it into a player for SoundCloud so it is easy to get your fans interested in your music.

Facebook Header

Creating a fan page is also very easy, so you can build a fan base using Facebook. This fan page can act as a main portal for you to access your fans directly. You can have posts of your music from SoundCloud which is direct access to your music.

We do recommend before you post on Facebook, you use step 4 to create authority about your page before people have access to the link.


2. Devumi

Devumi is a well known influencer in the marketing business. Using Devumi, you can purchase marketing for your SoundCloud page as well as other popular social media platforms.

Increase plays using Devumi

This is clearly not going to bring organic growth, but the reason large corporations and media outlets use services such as Devumi, is because they are building brands. If your SoundCloud has high plays on your music, people are going to be more inclined to click onto your music to see what the hype is about.

It may seem against your morals, but this is how marketing works. Nothing does beat organic growth, and using Devumi will not help you skip any steps at all, but it will create a platform in which you can build your platform from.

Perfect example, is Apple. They don’t bring out outstandingly breath-taking goods every year but because it is Apple you buy. It’s the brand.

If your brand has high engagement to a new follower, then they are inclined play music over a small following.


3. YouTube

YouTube is great for distributing videos of your SoundCloud music. YouTube is the largest video sharing platform online which skips the selection process that used to exist in the days of MTV and VH1.

YouTube Reach to Increase Soundcloud Plays

Unlike Facebook, YouTube does not integrate directly with SoundCloud, so you will have to put some work to create your videos. This can be don’t simply in windows media maker. However it is encouraged you get to learn how to use Final Cut Pro or another high quality video creator suite.

YouTube has a subscribe function so it is a great way to build a following of fans interested in your music.

* A great way to build a following is have a free beat every week. This following will only work is the free content is of high quality and people would want to come back every week to get your content. Use this platform to link back to your SoundCloud profile.


4. BuyPlays.co

BuyPlays.co is another influencer marketing firm, which is popular among industry insiders. This firm began on the dark web but are now a fully-fledged service. They focus solely on boosting SoundCloud engagement for users for a reasonable price.

Use BuyPlays.co to Increase SoundCloud Plays

As with Devumi, it is not an organic was to grow your brand, but it will create a platform for your brand to stand on. Using a firm such as BuyPlays.co, won’t get you more plays instantly. You will stil need to do your marketing to get authentic users who would be interested in your music, but they will be more inclined to click on a song with 5k+ views than one with 70 plays.

The option on BuyPlays.co to purchase reposts, likes and comments all work together to create an authentic growth on your page.

This again is not an organic growth method, but a great way of enticing plays out of new people.

Create your own hype.


5. Twitter

Twitter is not the largest social media platform, but when it comes to real time updates, Twitter is the real winner. Alike Facebook, Twitter can integrate SoundCloud players into tweets. What this means, is you can easily get listens to your music with engaging tweets.

Twitter Boost SoundCloud Increase plays

Secondly, building a strong engagement with your followers, means you will be getting people viewing your profile. Using this attention, if you tweet a link to your new song and pin the tweet the top of your player, you will get instantly get more plays.

Most importantly, if you use twitter, you will need to understand the importance of the timing of your tweets. Knowing when your followers will be using twitter will increase the engagement with your tweets. Poor timing will leave your tweets not being seen by anyone, resulting in a waste of time. Planning before you execute will be worth it when building your platform to increase your SoundCloud plays.



What we’ve learnt over these 5 posts, is that building up your plays on SoundCloud is not that hard to achieve when you put some work into it and use all the tools before you both free or paid.

Let me know in the comments how you guys feel about paying for followers/plays etc?


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